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People Living Longer

If you’re among the aging population, you have a reason to plan for a future. Doctors report that people are living longer at this time in history than ever before and there is reason to believe that we will continue to push the life expectancy envelope as time continues. Experts believe that within the next 50 years, people who live in developed countries with access to good health care may even start living to 100 years old.

People are living healthier lives. Exercise and healthy eating contribute to human longevity. People are trying to eat right by lowering fat consumption and the intake of simple sugars, all while trying to increase the amount of fruit and vegetables they eat. In addition to making health-conscious food choices, people are exercising more, aiding in the decrease of heart disease and many cancers, lowering their blood pressure, improving mental performance and decreasing instances of depression.

Advances in medical technology have also contributed to longer life spans. We have found cures or vaccinations for many childhood diseases that used to kill young people and other public-health related problems are either better controlled or have been eradicated completely. Antibiotics are now able to treat common illnesses. More people are quitting smoking and giving up other unhealthy habits, such as limiting alcohol, to improve their length and quality of life.

Further, we now have clean water sources and better sanitation than in years past. Motor vehicles, work and food safety have improved as well. Advancements in prenatal care are helping bring healthier babies into the world. Experts predict that if all these trends continue, we will see life expectancy rates increase by two years every decade. The current life expectancy rate is 77.6 – 78 years old.

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